Aquatic Equipment

Aquatic Equipment to be used: Hydro~Fit Cuffs, Belts, Buoys, Noodles & Wave Webs. Instructed on the proper use, care & recovery designed for each individual Aqua~X class.

  Wave Webs

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  Buoyant/Resistance Cuffs
The "buoyant/resistance cuffs" is actually 3 pieces of equipment into one!

The 1st way is to be worn as a floation belt to be worn around the waist. There are benefits for this; a) A person who happens to be a non-swimmer can enjoy being in the water exercising and not having the fear that's associated with not being able to swim. b) It's a great way to beable to do the various water exercises, when the other option for wearing the belt is as cuffs and for whatever reason is not for the exerciser.

The 2nd way is as the picture is showing, as cuffs to be worn around the ankles. There is a stirrup strap that goes under the foot to keep the cuff more secure, while doing various exercises. These can be worn in either shallow or deep water workouts and increases the intensity and resistance that will challenge anyone wanting to improve the current workout , taking it to another level and more. The cuffs will give the athlete more intensity whether they are cross training or increasing the workout to add variety and to challenge themselves.

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The 3rd way to wear the cuffs is around the upper arms. this position is to increase the intensity of performing crunches in the supine position. The drgree of difficulty is increased, range of motion(ROM) is increased, but more important the floatation support is at the upper body, which protects it from possible injury.

The hand held "buoys", will add more intensity as your exercise program increases, so will the handbuoy workouts. Many of the exercises are like working with weights on land. But instead of gravity, the waters natural resistance is what you will feel & work against. For example, doing a Bicep curl has 2 exercises not just one. The mechanics of the arm action is to push against the water (resistance) until the arm is straight and then "curling" the arm while resisting the natural "buoyancy", wich the buoy has the tendency of wanting to come up out of the water, to float. So the exercise is pushing against the water and then to keep from letting the buoy "pop" out of the water. There are also different buoy sizes, a size to fit everyone is available.

Deep~Water Floatation Belt

This piece of equipment is for a deep water class. The belt gives you support in the lumbar, so that the exercises can be performed while being suspended. The belt aids in performing deep water running, power walking, full range of motion(ROM) exercises, which without touching the pool floor, protects the joints while giving a great workout. The exercises are performed with the resistance of the water, which increase in the deep. This is excellent training for the athlete who wants to cross train or has an injury, can still workout without the stress on body, but the benefits of the exercising. Add the wave webs and/or handbuoys, this exercise program gives the exerciser a total body workout, that can be increased with the use of this equipment. The Deep~Water Floation Belt also gives added support for the person who is just starting out in a physical fitness program. The aquatic equipment is meant for everyone, whether the athelete who wants to add cross training, to rehabilitate from an injury or for the person who is beginning a physical fitness program and is new to the aquatic enviroment.