~PERSONAL~ Swimming Lessons
Seniors/Adults “Personal” Learn to Swim: This is for the senior who never learned how to swim for whatever the reason and now wants to include this into their life. This includes any age Adult that also wants to enjoy being in the pool and not having a “fear” that has kept him/her out of the pool for years! These lessons are one on one or semi private. I work with the individual until there comfortable with each stage of progress, it’s at their pace.

Learn~To~Swim Beginner thru Intermediate: Beginner Level 1 thru 4 (Minimum Age 4): Teaches all of the pool safety and the beginning level for floating prone/supine, blowing bubbles so to put face in the water. Includes games, crab walking, picking toys off the pool floor, etc. The child starts using legs for kicking, bubbles for the breath and arms for the strokes. To hold breath for 10 seconds. Advanced Beginner: Depending on the child progress in the Beginner 1 thru 4, they should be able to swim using the front crawl, elementary backstroke,hold breath underwater 20 sec. Introduce the more advanced strokes;Backstroke, Breast Stroke, Side Strokes & Butterfly. Will develop form, breathing & endurance. *Diving: Basic skills, form and entrance into the water will be introduced. *(Optional).

Stroke Development/Improvement (Any Age): All strokes reviewed, concentrating on the weakest to the strongest. Breathing, endurance,breakdown & refining each movement of the stroke & increasing the full range of motion (ROM) to be able to perform each stroke with least amount of effort and the maximum amount of results.
* Students must be at the same Skill Level for "Semi-Private" lessons. *
One Person: $25 half hour
One Person & Friend: $40 half hour (Total)
One Person & 2 Friends: $50 half hour (Total)

Mommy & Me: (Age 6~18months); This is especially for the parent & child to have fun & bond together while enjoying the water and learning some basic skills like blowing bubbles, singing songs while bobbing and getting the face in the water. This level needs to have a parent and/or grandparent in the pool with the child. It is a very special time to share with your little one that will last a lifetime!

Pool Safety: (Age Toddler & Up): This program teaches the child about being safe & following the rules around the pool. It teaches the child to not “panic” in case they fall in & to “crab walk” along the wall to get to safety. The child learns to pull him/herself out of the pool without assistance and introduces thru games, toys, patience and encouragement, going “underwater” and more.