~AQUATIC~ Personal Training
Barbara Wolfrom (Certified #49160)
Aquatics Fitness Inst./Trainer
Licensed Hydro-Fit Specialist

My Personal Training program includes; Aquatic Strength Training and Toning, Cardiovascular and Endurance without the stress on joints that gravity can do on land. The training will incorporate specialized equipment to enhance the full use of the waters natural resistant & buoyant qualities and condition all of the muscle groups, both supporting and opposing all in one workout. My training program is designed for Men and Women, who are physically fit and want to include cross training in their program, or the individuals just beginning a physical fitness program. My personal training develops MIND & BODY connection; it is a Total training program.
Barbís Aquatic Body Sculpting:

Individual designed work out program; Charting, Tracking, Increased Intensity Levels ~ Force~Power~Speed added as progress is made. Always Challenging!


Exercises designed for the backyard Spa. Innovative, utilizes everything to offer a challenging, fun workout, with the reward of total relaxation at the end of each workout!
Private lessons are offered along with semi-private lessons. Private lessons include one-on-one instruction. Semi-private lessons are for the first person and any addtional friends.
One Person: $30 half hour/$50 full hour
One Person & Friend: $50 half hour/$70 full hour (Total)
One Person & 2 Friends: $70 half hour/$90 full hour (Total)
Hydro-Fit, Incorporated
Internation Aquatic Exercise Association
Gold's Gym Instructor/Personal Training
American Red Cross and American Heart Association