Organized Group Classes

Barbara's group water aerobic workouts develop and improve cardiovascular, endurance, muscle strength and tone while alleviating stress on the body and joints that gravity can promote on land. Barbara's program uses a variety of equipment, i.e. noodles, handbuoys, floatation belts, buoyant/resistant cuffs and wave webs to accommodate all levels of physical fitness and to bring a new experience to the aquatic workout. Beginners and non-swimmers feel comfortable with this workout because you work at you own pace and level. Intermediate and advanced will be challenged by the water's 360 degree resistance which is equivalent to working with weights on land. Barbara's water aerobic workouts is excellent for cross training by conditioning both supporting and opposing muscle groups all in one workout. These classes are designed for men and women of all ages, those physically fit or just beginning a physical fitness program. It is an excellent way for people with physical limitations due to sports injuries, (i.e., golf, tennis, running etc.) or for women experiencing the "exciting handicap" of pregnancy to keep in shape.

“Certified Aqua~X Programs”

Deep~Water Training: Complete workout in deep water! Includes the use of all the equipment. Total muscle work without the stress on the joints & without pool floor assisting. Incredibly challenging & invigorating. Imagination & Visualization skills are required, as you go on a journey… A total mind ~ body connection.

Liquid Mechanics: A Shallow and Deep Water Workout. Incorporates the use of all the different types of equipment. Breaks down each exercise to experience the beginning, middle & end.

Aquatic Circuit Training: This exercise program uses 6 circuit aquatic stations that are positioned around the pool. At each station there is a description of the Xercise and the equipment to be used. The Circuit course is timed & to be done 3 times adding more intensity.

Silver Sneakers “Splash”: A Senior Xercise program that uses a special designed “kick” board that develops balance, gives support & creates upper body strength & tone while performing the various Xercises. A great way to get in shape and have fun too!

Barbara's group water aerobic classes are great at parties too. Have you ever thought about having an "Aquatic Workout" party. They are becomming very popular and fun too!