Master Classes

Barbara Wolfrom (Certified #49160)
Licensed Hydro-Fit Specialist

Wake-up your Visual & Imaginative skills because this is not just a total body workout~it is a mental one too!  Enjoy this journey as we travel via a bicycle, kayak, canoe, jogging, running using different swim strokes, walking and much more.  This journey will challenge your endurance not to mention your imagination!  With the use of equipment you will feel what it is like to be suspended and to work the lower body without any assistance except your own muscles.  This will also increase the upper body work not only to keep you in proper alignment (shoulders over the hips, "to feel proud" type of posture), but included are specific upper body exercises.  Abdominals are encouraged to be kept tight (belly~button pulled to your back), throughout the workout, because in this "Deep~Water Journey", you will need them.

The body is kept vertical through out, except for the abdominal segment, which the body will be in supine position.  This hour long workout is done to music to motivate and to allow the imagination be set free.  The body will work the water in all directions, a full 360 degrees and use the waters natural buoyant & resistant qualities for a complete, invigorating workout.  With the natural ambiance of the water, the stretch & relax segment at the end of the workout is an experience you can only receive from the Deep~Journey workout.

Equipment used:  Hydro~Fit Wave Webs &  Deep Water Floatation Belt.

* Swimming ability is not required. *
Shallow and/or Deep
Circuit Training is an ideal way to improve Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Toning & Flexibility.

Depending on the size of the pool, there can be from 6 to 10 stations to do a total of three times, each time adding more of a challenge to the individual.  Each station will have a specific exercise that will target certain muscle groups and/or cardio.  With the use of equipment, the three levels of intensity, Force, Power & Speed, will be added throughout the workout and also incorporated with the three working positions; Rebound, Intermediate & Buoyant.

Proper body alignment, concentrating on keeping the abdominals tight, breathing, full range of motion and the proper use of the equipment will be emphasized throughout each station, as with the final station of stretch relax.

Included in my Circuit Training is also a Sports Conditioning Program, which incorporates sports specific equipment, i.e.; Golf, Tennis, etc.

Circuit Training is an enjoyable and effective way of improving your physical and cardio fitness because it combines both continuous and interval training all in one interesting, progressive and fun workout.  Try it, You might like it!

Equipment Used:  Hydro~Fit Wave Webs, Handbuoys and Buoyant/Resistant Cuffs.
Shallow and Deep
Aqua~Power workouts develop and improve cardiovascular, endurance, muscle strength and tone while alleviating stress on the body and joints that gravity can cause on land.  With the use of equipment you will experience a more dynamic aquatic workout.  Beginners and non-swimmers will feel comfortable with this workout because you work at your own pace and level.  Intermediate and advanced will be challenged by the water's 360 degree resistance, with the use of equipment is equivalent to working with weights on land.  Aqua~Power is excellent for cross training by conditioning both supporting and opposing muscle groups all in one workout.  This workout program is designed for men and women of all ages, those physically fit or just beginning a physical fitness program.  It is an excellent way for people with physical limitations due to sports injuries, (i.e., golf,  tennis, running etc.) or for women experiencing the "exciting handicap" of pregnancy, to keep in shape.  Have You ever thought about improving your sport and how you could improve your sport (whether it's a golf, tennis or any other sport), why not take it to the pool?

Aqua~Power can do this and more ~Take the Gym to the Pool!

Equipment used:  Hydro~Fit Wave Webs, Handbuoys, Flotation Belt and/or Buoyant/Resistant Cuffs