Aquatics Fitness Instructor/Trainer
Licensed Hydro-Fit Specialist


My Aquatic Physical Fitness Programs include; Aquatic Strength Training & Toning (which includes Martial Arts), Senior~Aerobics, Aquatic Theme classes, Deep Water, Sports Conditioning (i.e. golf, tennis, etc.) and Circuit Training. All my Aquatic workouts, develop mind & body connection, cardiovascular, muscle strength, toning and endurance without the stress on the joints and most of all to have fun. These programs may use wave webs, handbouys, and floatation belts and/or Buoyancy/Resistant cuffs and sports equipment to bring a new experience and to enhance the total aquatic workout. All the programs begin by warming up the muscles, gain control of the body and introduce different levels of intensities & variations throughout the workout. Beginners and non-swimmers feel comfortable with this workout because they work at their own pace & level. The waters natural resistance will also challenge the intermediate and advanced student; it is equivalent to working with weights on land, but without the pain & stress on the body. The Athlete will find that the water will add more to his/her training program by conditioning all of the muscles, both the supporting and opposing all in one workout. These programs are designed for all ages; young & old, Men & Women, who are physically fit or just beginning a physical fitness program. People who have physical limitations due to sport injuries, disabilities, etc. It is an excellent way for women who are experiencing the exciting "handi-cap" of pregnancy to keep in shape!


  • From 1987-1990, taught regularly scheduled classes in Hawaii.
  • From 1987-1990, taught for the American Red Cross Learn to Swim Program. Classes Include all skill levels. Taught handicapped children for the Hawaii Special Education Department.
  • From 1990-Present, teach a variety of classes in San Diego County & other locations upon request.
  • Teaches ARC Learn to Swim Program to Senior Citizens.
  • Assists in instructing, training and certifying new students in Aquatic Fitness Instructor Training (AFIT).
  • Co-Presented and assists at the International Aquatic Exercise Assoc. (AEA) Conference.
  • Developed the A.S.I.T. (Aquatic Strength Interval Training), Deep Water Workouts and Aqua Power Classes.
  • Developed "Spa-Xercise", an innovative workout for the backyard spa.
  • Developed an Aquatic Sports Conditioning, a Circuit Training Program and a variety of Specialty Classes.
  • Member of Team Hydro-Fit for numerous programs & workshops including Passport.
  • Instructor/Trainer for Hydro-Fit, which includes Workshops, Seminars & Conferences.
  • Conducts Master Classes throughout California and upon request other National locations.


  • Trained and certified by the Director/Founder of AFIT, A-X Enterprises, Ms. Pauline Foord.
  • Trained and certified through Gold's Gym.
  • Trained & Certified in Poolates & Yoqua.
  • Licensed Hydro-Fit Specialist & Aquatics Personal Trainer (#49160).
  • Current Certification through the International Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA).
  • Current Certification in CPR and Standard First Aid by the American Red Cross.
  • Current Certification as Water Safety Instructor (WSI), which includes Community WSI.
  • Certification in Advanced Life saving by the American Red Cross.
  • Member; IDEA, USWFA, AFIT and AEISC.

REFERENCES (upon request)

  • Letter & Certificate from Ms. Pauline Foord, Director /Founder of A-X Enterprises.
  • Letter from Mililani Town Association, Mililani, Hawaii.
  • Letter & Certificate from Aquatic Exercise Association.