Aquatic Accessories


New to Aqua~X is the "Aqua~X Sparklet" Hats

Do you want to keep your hair dry while in the pool? If so I have designed the "Aqua~X Sparklet" aquatic hat. They come in bright sparkle material, full head coverage and come with a visor type bill to help keep the sun from your face and eyes. Inside the hat, there is an inner lining made from a shower cap, that helps keep your hair dry while working out. With the bright colors and stylish look, You will definitely work out with "Attitude"! They are alot of fun in or out of the pool.


New to Aqua~X is the Haku Leis.

Haku~Leis: In addition to all my Aquatic Classes, which include "theme" classes. I enjoy making the Hawaiian flower Leis. Pictured is the "Haku~Lei", which means "Head Leis". This lei is to be worn low on the head and is a beautiful accent to a tropical party setting. I also make Leis for the ankle; "Ku'eku'e (koo-eh koo-eh), wrist; pulima (poo-lee-muh), and the tradional Lei to be worn around the neck.
All these Leis are made out of fresh flowers that can last without water for long periods of time, ie, Orchids, Bouganvilla, Carnations, Mums etc. I will make any one of these to your specific need. This may include any kind of party, graduation, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, any celebration that You want to feel tropical!